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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tracklisting for "Music for Film Club, Vol 1 -- Cinema Stuff" (played 20th July)

The criterion for inclusion was as follows. Tracks could not be lifted directly from a soundtrack (far too easy) but they could be;
a. Songs that referenced films, actors, directors or cinema, generally
b. Cover versions of famous soundtracks
c. Tracks that sampled either from famous soundtracks or film dialogue

1. Tiger -- Movie Stars I suppose I better admit on the basis of what follows that yes, this is a tokenistic attempt not to make this seem like Anglo-American cultural imperialism (if you ignore the stuff from France, Bollywood and the Balkans). It did, however, seem like an appropriate place to start.
2. Jack -- Cinematic Arguably, the definitive cinema referencing record (Pasolini, Fellini, Allen...) , something of a personal anthem and a great pop tune.
3. Urusei Yatsura -- Hello Tiger Pop-punk brilliance. The bridge goes, 'until I see you again, in a movie, in a movie' and it references 'Superfly'.
4. Big Audio Dynamite -- E=MC2 I could have picked one of any number of Clash records ('The Magnificent Seven', 'The Right Profile', 'Straight to Hell') but I thought I'd go with this 'Performance' sampling track from Mick Jones' subsequent band.
5. Barry Adamson -- The Man with the Golden Arm The king of sleazy soundtrack re-interpretation.tackles Elmer Bernstein.
6. Lalo Schifrin -- Jaws Schifrin's version of John Williams Jaws theme. I thought about including one of the numerous covers of Schifrin's own Mission Impossible theme but, frankly, they're all far too referential (even the reggae one) and don't really add anything to the original.
7. Barry Adamson 007, A Phantasy Bond Theme Adamson once again with a dubby re-working of the Bond theme.
8. Fanfare Ciocarila -- James Bond Theme Every man and his dog seems to have released a punk/funk/electro/house Balkan compilation in the last year (well those dogs with record companies, which might limit it to the pooch with the gramophone in the EMI/RCA Victor logo), this version of the Bond theme comes from one of the more inventive ones.
9. LTJ Bukem -- James Bond Theme I probably could have done an hour and a half's worth of Bond theme covers but I suspect that would have been overkill, so I kept it to three.
10. Matrix and Futurebound -- American Beauty OK, so this is a novelty record but it does seem to work quite well. The plinketty, plonketty American Beauty theme given a drum and bass make-over.
11. Deadly Avenger -- We Took Pelham UK breakbeat DJ gets a Hungarian orchestra to re-record the soundtrack to Rocky (and doesn't actually add all that much in the way of beats, to be honest).
12. The One World Orchestra -- The Magificent The KLF (under one of their various pseudonyms) tackle Bernstein's theme to The Magnificent Seven with samples from Serbian radio station B92. The station was a beacon of opposition to Milosivic's violently nationalistic leadership of the country and he persistently tried to shut it down (recommended reading; 'This is Serbia Calling: Rock n Roll Radio and Belgrade's Underground Resistance'.... ask if you want to borrow it)
13. Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood Joint -- Panjabi MC OK, so strictly speaking, I'm breaking my own criterion here because this is lifted directly from the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s recent 'Inside Man', but it's also a re-working of AR Rahman's soundtrack to the 1998 Bollywood film Dil Se.
14. Bug Powder Dust -- Bomb the Bass with Justin Warfield 'I think it's time to discuss your philosophy of drug use as it relates to artistic endeavour....' Numerous references to Burrough's/Cronenberg's 'Naked Lunch'. Ideally, this would have gone back to back with something from from Ornette Coleman's soundtrack, but that would be in contravention of the criterion (...twice).
15. Public Enemy -- Burn Hollywood Burn Obvious, really
16. MC Solaar -- Nouveau Western As Jack had it previously (with their tongue firmly in their cheek), 'and it's so chic to be poor, and we should speak French more'.... Part celebration of old fashioned movie heroes, part criticism of the pernicious effect of cinema's celebration of violence'. It also samples Serge Gainsbourg's 'Bonny and Clyde' and the artist himself was once a member of the jury at Cannes (so I reckon it's a pretty damn water-tight selection).
17. Millions of Dead Cops -- John Wayne was a Nazi A bit of a sub-genre emerging here of movie/protest tracks and a second Western inspired track. This one is early eighties hardcore from Texan contempories of the Dead Kennedy's. Songs about actual actors could have included 'Marlene on the Wall' by Suzanne Vega or 'Ingrid Bergman' by Billy Bragg and Wilco but, frankly, I couldn't resist this.
18. Primal Screen -- Kowalski The Scream celebrate cult 1971 road movie 'Vanishing Point' with a song named after its hero.
19. Herbert -- Movie Star Almost back to where we started, give or take the odd letter, with a track from Matthew Herbert's new album.
20. Ladytron -- He Took her to a Movie Kraftwerk are consulting their lawyers, I believe.
21. Laptop -- End Credits Well it had to be either this or Radiohead's 'Exit Music for a Film' and I think this works better. It's always good to conclude matters with a heartbreaker, as well.

Honourable mention should also go to 'ET Boogie' by the Extra Ts, a 'phone home' sampling slice of early 80s electro that Steven Spielberg has, allegedly, suppressed.


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Didn't use any of my suggestions in there then!!!

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