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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week at SFC: Claire Tancons + Carnaval da Vitória

Building 7
Fernandes Industrial Centre
Eastern Main Road
Port of Spain

Thursday February 11, 2010

Free for all!

8:00pm, doors open 7:30pm


Lecture by Claire Tancons

Since discovering Carnival in Trinidad in 2005, Guadeloupe-born, US-based curator Claire Tancons has been focusing on Carnival as an object of art historical inquiry and curatorial experimentation.
In her writings, Tancons has been arguing for the recognition of New World Carnival, Trinidad's Mas' in particular, as a modern, urban art form, possibly the Americas' true, undiscovered Modern Art.
In her curatorial projects (7th Gwangju Biennial and 2nd Cape Town Biennial), she has promoted the procession as a curatorial format for the presentation of Carnival and performance arts.
She is relentlessly asking the question: why is the art world celebrating performance art while failing to acknowledge Carnival? Can Carnival compare with Relational Aesthetics in which the audience is envisioned as a community and the artwork as a space of encounter whose meaning is produced collectively?

Tancons will share elements of response and invite the public's own in her presentation of Carnival: Another Relational Aesthetics? She will put an emphasis on her work with Trinidadian artist Marlon Griffith and Trinidad-born US-based artist Karyn Olivier, as well as on her ongoing dialogue with the Callaloo Company and a host of other interlocutors in Trinidad.

Carnaval da Vitória (António Ole/Angola/1978/40")

António Ole from 1978 about the inauguration of Angola's Victory Carnival by Agostino Neto, the country's first president. Carnaval da Vitória is a riveting account of the recovery of popular carnival traditions following the travesty of the colonial carnival. António Ole is one of Angola's leading contemporary artist. A multimedia artist whose works spans painting,sculpture, mixed media, photography, video and film, António Ole realized many documentaries on Angolan life and society in the immediate post-independence period. He graduated from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles while simultaneously directing the programs of the National Television Network of Angola and later gained a diploma from the Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies at UC Berkeley.


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