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Monday, July 23, 2007

An atheist film festival?

"If you were programming an Atheist Film Festival, what titles would you include?" That is the question Jim Emerson asks at his Chicago Sun Times blog, Scanners.

"I can think of many, many religious movies (from silents like Ben-Hur, through the biblical epics of the 1950s, the Christian parables of Ingmar Bergman, up to The Passion of the Christ and Dogma)," says Emerson. "But can you think of some movies that are explicitly atheistic, that argue against belief not just in religious dogma but in theism itself?"

Emerson himself is unable to think of any such films off the cuff, but there are quite a few interesting suggestions in the comments section, including Bergman's Through A Glass Darkly, Stanley Kramer's Inherit The Wind and, of course, Star Trek V.

Anyone else (assuming anyone still reads this blog) with any suggestions?

(Via Jabberwock, who has incidentally been blogging of late on Delhi's Cinefan Film Festival.)


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