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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Film premiere: jointpop's Desperate Houseflies

The Band gave us the masterful Last Waltz. From Talking Heads we got Stop Making Sense, and from REM, Tourfilm. Further down the scale we have U2's Rattle and Hum, Depeche Mode's 101, and that Metallica thing.

Now jointpop give us their take on the rock and roll film: Desperate Houseflies. Shot earlier this year by Walt Lovelace, Desperate Houseflies documents the recording of jointpop's latest album, the excellent January Transfer Window.

Desperate Houseflies

A film by Walt Lovelace

Featuring jointpop and the making of The January Transfer Window

Thursday 25th October 2007

Movie Towne, Invaders Bay, Port of Spain

8pm sharp

Tickets are $100 and available now at the Movietowne box office. Please keep your ticket stub for the after-movie live gig at J Malone's Irish Pub (Movietowne) at 9.30pm.

Double disc CD (The January Transfer Window) and DVD (Desperate Houseflies) available on this night only for $100.


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