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Monday, July 23, 2007

Film reviews

There used to be a time when there were film reviews in the local newspapers. Proper film reviews, written by people who knew what they were writing about. Now, however, apart from the odd syndicated review from a foreign newspaper, and a feature in one of the Sunday papers that merely recounts the plot of a Bollywood movie and masquerades as a review, film reviews are a thing of the past. (The papers can't seem to get enough, however, of movie star gossip.)

Why we don't have film reviews in our papers anymore is a question worth exploring (along with why we don't have book reviews etc), but at another time. Yet because there aren't film reviews in the papers, that doesn't mean there aren't film reviews and film reviewers. To wit: Andre Bagoo, who at his blog, Tattoo, has written a few interesting reviews of recent films. See here for a short review of the new live-action Transformers movie, and here for a longer, more in-depth piece on the latest Harry Potter film.


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