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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This week at SFC: Beijing Bicycle

Thursday May 18th

All our screenings are FREE ones.

Film will commence at 8:00 pm. Doors open at 7:30 pm.

Beijing Bicycle
(Wang Xiaoshuai/China/2002/113')

This Thursday, as a result of the cancellation of last week's filmnight, the StudioFilmClub will screen last week's advertised feature, Beijing Bicycle by Wang Xiaoshuai.

Beijing Bicycle is a moving and emotionally charged film that tells the story of a country boy, Guei (Cui Lin), who comes to the big city determined to make it. Exploring the sharp changes that confront the individual in city life, this film is said to put Wang Xiaoshuai among the forefront of China's sixth generation of filmmakers.

We will also screen two short films by Byron Camacho: Birdy and Across the Universe. Byron is a young Trinidadian filmmaker who has recently completed film studies in the US.

Birdy - A surreal look at the self destructive nature of a female drug addict and her lover's struggle to let her go. 8'/black and white 16 mm/silent

Across the Universe - The story of a young woman, jaded through her experiences with men, choosing to lead a life of promiscuity and detachement. In the end, her new found way of life will be challenged. 8'/black and white 16mm/dialogue narrative

Rest in peace, Gilles.


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